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Our Affiliate Program

We Want You As Our Partner

If you or your organization have a passion for pets, then we want to partner with you through our Cuddle Clones Affiliate Program. In our program we provide you with tools for sharing Cuddle Clones with your audience. Any sales generated from these promotions are then tracked and shared with you.

Why Promote Cuddle Clones?

Get Rewarded for Success
  • The percent earned on each transaction goes up based on the number of months in a calendar year you have generated at least once sale.
Your Success Helps Pets in Need
  • A portion of all sales at Cuddle Clones, directly benefit pets in need. Check out our most recent Charitable Donations.
We Will Take Care of Your Customers
  • We offer phone and chat support via our in-office customer service representatives.
Give Exclusive Discounts to Your Customers
3rd Party Validated, Real Time Earnings and Performance Reports

How Do We Attribute Sales to You?

Coupon Code: Choose your own coupon code. Whenever your unique code is used, your customers get a discount and you earn part of the sale!
Tracking Link: We provide you with a unique link to our website that is tied to your account. When a customer clicks this link and makes a purchase within 30 days, you get credit for the sale.
Unique Webpage: Get your own page on our website complete with unique pictures and offers exclusive to your audience. If someone visits your page and purchases something within 30 days you get credit for the sale.

How Do You Interact With Your Customers?

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