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Celeborn’s Cuddle Clone

This is my beloved Celeborn. When he was about 8,5 years old he got very sick very quick & unfortunately there wasn’t anything I could do to save my baby so we had to say goodbye. How do you even say goodbye to your baby? To say that I still miss him would be an understatement. He grew up with me, he was always by my side & he was the one I spent the most time with, he was my best friend. He was very calm, very kind & loving. He was also one of the most beautiful cats ever, as you can see. I’ll always miss my baby & he will be in my heart forever. I’m so thankful that I got to grow up with him & spend a little more than 8,5 years with him, I couldn’t have had a better friend.

I wanted to order a Cuddle Clone right away when I discovered the website but unfortunately I didn’t have the money for it. So I had to wait for about a year before I was able to order my Cuddle Clone & it just happened that when I was finally able to order it they had a discount on them so I got mine for a lower price which was nice since I had waited so long to order it. While my Cuddle Clone isn’t a 100% clone of Celeborn (I obviously understand that it must be hard to make them 100% similar) I’m really thankful for it & I love it. It’s like a piece of Celeborn is with me again. He sleep/live on my bed next to my pillow & I call him Celeborn Jr.

Malin Dahlqvist

Cooper with TJ’s Cuddle Clone

This is Cooper with his brother TJ’s cuddle clone. TJ was my first cat ever. When we adopted him he chose me, he wouldn’t let me even think about looking at another kitten, i knew right then and there that sweet soul was going to be mine. After 16 years together we lost TJ to the rainbow bridge almost 2 years ago. The day after he passed I ordered this cuddle clone so that I could continue to hug that little angel that stole my heart. Even now as I type this with tears in my eyes I have this little clone of him to squeeze onto and that means the world to me! Half of my heart is gone and now the other half this little Cooper guy is here holding down the fort for his brother. I would love to honor him in the same way I have TJ. I will always have TJ to hold and Cooper will always have TJ to snuggle with thanks to you wonderful people!

Shaun Mahoney

Ayr’s Cuddle Clone

This is my Ayr with his ashes. Means a lot having him. The Cuddle Clone was a gift from my ex boyfriend when my sweet pup passed away. Ayr was more than just a dog to me he was my best friend for the longest time. Hoping one day to get one of my Toby.

Amy Hahn

Karl’s Cuddle Clone

I received my Cuddle Clone of Karl and I am beyond impressed. I am amazed at the artistry and attention to detail of this work of art. It looks exactly like Karl. I will share him with all of my pet owner friends. It is an awesome tribute to your pet and the perfect way to memorialize their memory if they are no longer with us. Thank you so much for caring and putting so much love and detail into your products.

Adrienne Carter French

Ziess’s Cuddle Clone

Zeiss is my baby and having a mini Zeiss means so much to me! For years I have searched for a stuffed German Shepherd that looks like my two but you don’t get much better then having one custom made!

Kristin Castenschiold Butkus

Bailey and Jessie’s Cuddle Clone

This is my Jessie cuddle clone with my Australian terrier boy Bailey!

This little cuddle clone means so much to us because it is a beautiful reminder of our beautiful Jessie that passed away over a year ago now at the age of 15.5 yrs!

Jessie was like a daughter to us & we miss her every day… .she was also Bailey’s best friend & he just loves this Jessie clone too!

If we win this comp, we will probably get a clone made for Bailey too!

Our little Jessie clone makes us feel like we will always have a piece of Jessie in the household forever!

Nicole Orr Korczynski

Sugar’s Cuddle Clone

This is a picture or the late Sugar and her new cuddle clone. I fell in love with the idea of getting a clone of Sugar for my fiancé as a wedding present. We began dating and were 12 hours away, we would talk for hours and one of our topics was always our fur babies. I only got to meet sugar 1 time before she passed on as she was about 18 and had kidney failure. She was my fiance’s pride and joy and he was torn up when she passed. Wedding presents are supposed to have meaning and so this was the most perfect thing to do for him. She arrived today and and I had to give her to him as I couldn’t wait any longer. We get married in 2 weeks and he absolutely loved his present from me. Thank you cuddle clones for helping to make this happen for me.

Kiesha Lee

Yogi’s Cuddle Clone

Yogi’s Cuddle Clone arrived on May 11th, which was such ironic timing because it was the day before he was laid to rest after 14.5 vibrant, loving and playful years. We’re so thankful to have him along with our wonderful memories. Yogi was more than our dog, he was our companion and family. Having his Cuddle Clone means everything to us and I cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart! Yogi Bear will continue smiling at us for years to come!

Justin William

Alpine and his Cuddle Clone

Let me count the ways why I love my cuddle clone…1. I have an exact duplicate of my furry friend 2. I have a lasting memory of how she looks as it is customized to reflect all of her unique and special features 3. I hope it will help me find peace and comfort when the day comes that she is no longer here.

Megan Michelle Lake

Riley’s Cuddle Clone

This is my daughter’s 6-year old bully with his Cuddle Clone (said I couldn’t have given her a more perfect gift for her 30th birthday)! She rescued Riley when he was seven months old which makes this little clone so special…what she imagines him looking like when he was just a young pup! Riley is her “baby boy” and first pet where She is the mom! Now, she is also a foster mom for a wonderful rescue in her home town (Riley loves being a Foster Big Brudder) and was just heart sick when her last foster pup (a sweet girl just being mischievous) – who she had only two days before being adopted – pulled Riley’s clone off a high shelf – when no one was looking – and bit off it’s nose and the tip of it’s ear!!! I would love to be able to give her another Cuddle Clone of Riley – just like the first – to replace the one that was damaged as it would be very difficult to repair the original one to look like new again. We love looking at each new set of Cuddle Clones you share on your page. They are the best keepsake anyone could ask for of their pet!

Jana Malone

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